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Phitime is a company developing software for clients from all over the world. We believe that there is no value of having a great idea if you don't take a step.

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What is an MVP?

MVP refers to the minimum viable product. In mobile app development, MVP is a basic version of an application. MVP is a process where a new product is developed with core functionalities, to test how the target audience would respond. Then, the actual product, with a full set of features, is developed after feedback is received from the early adopters.

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Purpose of an MVP

The purpose of an MVP is to launch a product quickly, based on your idea, with a small budget. This approach allows you to collect user's feedback for the primary product and include it in future iterations. With the help of an MVP, one can find the right audience, pull the ideas based on experience, and save time.

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Solving Problems

Following Build - Measure - Learn - Build cycle.

We decide minimum viable product together then build and publish product as quickly as possible with tracking, reporting and optimizing services.

After publishing your product, you get feedbacks from your early adapter users, learn more about your product. Then we update your product by adding new features from your learnings. Build, Measure, Learn cycle continues up to having a great product.

We provide also consultancy about digital marketing. For example: After developing a mobile application, need users to measure & learn. We help you to get new users from Google, Facebook, etc.


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